“Fit is the most important detail for a suit. Marry that with classic color options and quality fabric, and you have a great looking, versatile suit for every occasion,” says Dwight Fenton, Bonobos VP of Design.

We all have men in our life, be it our dad, best friend, boyfriend, brother, etc. Well for me, one of the most special guys in my life is also one of the most stylish. But seriously, my dad and his wardrobe just can not be beat. He's always wearing some new pastel color chino pant, with new Sperries or Jack Purcells, and a seersucker blazer, with a button down that has embroidered watermelons. No, I'm not joking. We get boxes delivered to my house daily either from Gilt or his personal favorite, Gant, and he gets home, opens them and says "It's like Christmas morning!". Yep, that's my dad for you. He takes preppy to a whole new level, and I have to say he does a great job. 

So, when the guys at Bonobos contacted me I was so intrigued! The first thing I did was run to my dad to ask him if he had anything from them, and then we perused their site for a good amount of time.  I think it's safe to say that I know where I'll be shopping for my dad from now, and that there will be plenty of boxes arriving to my doorstep that say Bonobos!

Most men continue working during the summer, or have plenty of weddings and other miscellaneous events to attend to, and so it can be very difficult to wear a suit and tie everyday in the hot weather. But with Bonobos' new summer line, they won't just look stylish but they'll also be feeling better in the lighter colors, seersucker prints, and lighter cotton fabric. I'm telling you these guys know their stuff. 

If you need proof, just look at their amazing looks!
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and their summer suit collection here!

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  1. Oh man I wish my dad was like yours! He would never ever ever wear anything seersucker or preppy (I've shown him a few Vineyard Vines things before and he wasn't having it). I hope I'll date a guy who's into wearing this kind of stuff (we can all wish for a Chuck Bass can't we ;) ).