I love wearing dresses, I just never really get around to buying a lot of them. Although the ones I do frequently wear are definitely splurges. And I never realized until now how truly cute their dresses are. I've fallen in love with all of them, and I can't wait to maybe get my hands on a couple of them.

They are all beautiful and full of different florals, patterns, and textures.

                                                 Hanami A-Line                       Laced Frost                           

                                             Colorblock Circle                          Tanum Tunic          



Statement Necklaces are the perfect way to add some "pop" to a rather dull or basic outfit. When you're almost stuck in a rut of wearing the same thing over and over again, i.e jeans and a long sleeve shirt, or khakis and your favorite cashmere sweater, you end up choosing comfort over style, which is totally understandable given the fact that this is precisely what I do.

So I recently found that sometimes the best thing you can do is just add something small whether it be a necklace, or a scarf, or even a headband to give your uniform some spice every once in a while. And when everything is dull and gloomy in winter, you get to have some extra brightness in your day.

My personal favorite outfit of choice is wearing a sweater over a button down, and big chunky statement necklaces are perfect since they fit right under the collar and end up being a beautiful added embellishment.

Here are some of my favorites from Majestical.com jewelry:

Bonus- You get $15 off your first order when you sign up!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7



I thought this would be a fun post, just to share the songs I'm listening to at the moment:



It is no secret that I love J.Crew, and so when I decided I was in the market for a new bag they were the first place I looked.

Personally, I love tote bags. They are roomy and comfortable and are perfect for every day use.  It was love at first sight with the Downing Tote.

The combination of the beautiful handcrafted leather, the spacious interior, and the matching detachable wristlet, has me fawning over this bag and wanting to buy it ASAP.

You can even get an imprinted or embossed gold monogram!  Not to mention it comes in the perfect 3 colors:



Home Alone

This past week, I was unable to go on a, what seemed like an amazing trip, to Jamaica with my entire family. At first, I let my anxiety get the best of me, and I was extremely nervous about being on my own for an entire week, but it allowed me to have some extra breathing room. There was no one breathing down my neck, I was able to get things done at my own pace, and I was really able to see what me and my independent self is capable of.

2014 Sochi Olympics Figure Skating Finals

...And being home alone gave me ample time to lie in bed and watch the Olympics all day. My grandma would force my mom and uncle to watch any and all figure skating competitions, especially the Olympic ones. So, my mom, being the creature of habit that she is, always watches them so I join in on the fun. Being from Russia, I was extremely happy that Adelina Sotnikova took the gold, but at the same time extremely devastated that Gracie Gold didn't (there's always next time). But with all the crazy discrepancies between Sotnikova and Yuna Kim, it's hard for me to decide who truly deserved it.

Also check out this beautiful performance by U.S gold medalist Tara Lipinski in 1998



Every time I go to the city I fall in love with it all over again. It is beautiful, it has so much culture, so much diversity, its wrapped up in endless possibilities. And as much as I want to live there someday, even its only for a year. But, Jay made a good point. He said that if i end up moving there, chances are I won't want to leave. And to be completely honest, as much as I love the city, there's a city out there that we love even more because it's our home, and we will be going back to Los Angeles eventually.

Pre-Spring Cleaning

Sometimes, my OCD goes wild and I clean just about anything I can get my hands on. But this time, I actually needed to clean before my family got back from their vacation, and I went all out. I organized everyones rooms, washed all sheets, vacuumed and washed floors, etc, etc. And hey, it came out lookin' pretty good.


Still fawning over these glasses.....




When I was in the city we decided to make a pit-stop at the Warby Parker on Washington Street so I could take a look at some possible new frames. After going through almost all of them and deciding yay or nay, we were able to narrow the choices down. The one that was ultimately decided to look best on me was the Arthur frame.

I really liked it too, but I'm a little hesitant only because they are way smaller than I had planned. The height of these are 33 mm, and putting that into perspective is that the glasses I currently have and love, are 39mm. To be honest, I was planning on my new pair of frames to be a lit bit bigger. 

Here were a few of my other choices:



I absolutely L-O-V-E the color of this one

Although the true highlight of my time at WP was finding the Quimby sunglasses. When I first tried them on it was as a joke, because I thought I could NEVER pull off that kind of bold, green (yes, green), round look. But to my surprise, everyone with me was telling me that it actually looked really good! And I have to say, when I looked in the mirror, I liked what I saw. So now, I absolutely can not wait for Spring so I can order these!

 I don't think that I have any pictures of me wearing any of the final optical frame choices, but here were some other fun pictures from our visit!



On Monday, Jay, Juan and myself took a fun day trip into the city.  The main reason for us going was because Juan had a job interview later in the day, and so we used it as an excuse to make a whole day out of it.

It was Jay's first time in the city in about 4 years, (crazy, i know), and so we opted for a few "touristy" places just for fun.  When we came out of Penn, we had a plan to make our way up to Rockefeller Center to pay a visit to the NBC store (hello, The Office and Chuck). On the way there, we passed through Times Square and kept on running into stores to get away from the 20 degree weather even for just a few minutes, and our main stops ended up being Toys R Us, Disney, and the M&M store.

Once we made it to NBC studios we had some fun looking around, and then walking through the mini shopping center down stairs. When we got tired of that we headed over to a Sbarro to get some pizza and relax for a bit before Juan's interview. We ended up walking up to the restaurant in the UES and Jay and I goofed around in a Starbucks across the street for about an hour waiting for him (He got the job!!!!)


After that we grabbed a cab downtown to go see Warby Parker so I could try on a few pairs of glasses, and then walked around West Village just taking in all the beauty.



Who says fashion can't be extremely comfortable?

Lately, it seems like the only things I will wear are pajamas, and other clothing of the same sort. I don't really have much energy to channel into looking all nice and put together 24/7, especially since I don't go anywhere special. I would much prefer to just be comfortable and relaxed at home in some sweats and a sweatshirt.

But then, of course, the only thing that comes out of my mom's mouth is "You have a closet full of such nice clothes, and you never wear them, what a waste!"

Those "nice clothes" she was referencing all pretty much came from J. Crew, because, well let's be real, 3/4ths of my entire wardrobe is J.Crew. So, with that being said, I decided to compile some of my favorite comfy styles that they currently have in stock, and will definitely be investing in a few of them...

  1. Linen Paneled Tee
  2. Weekend Sweatshirt
  3. Piamita Isabella Shirt In Solid
  4. Collection Cashmere Getaway Hoodie
  5. Linen Baseball Tee in L'Amour Triomphe
  6. Drapey Drawstring Pant
  7. Anchor Trouser Socks
  8. Printed Silk Snood
  9. Pajama Pant in End-on-End Cotton Stripe
  10. Lodge Moccasins




I think that just in this past week the amount of snow here is enough for me to last a lifetime without seeing snow ever again. At first you would think that it was a bonus because of the 2 bonus days for my winter break, but all that means is 2 less days for my spring break. Ugh.


I had the absolute perfect V-Day this year. It was simple, sweet, and perfectly thought out. I got some delicious cookies and chocolate (of course), and a wonderful dinner with my cutie.

House of Cards

Best. Show. Season 2 just came out on Friday and even the first episode blew me away. I'm exciting to keep watching as the plot continues to unravel.

J.Crew Sailboat Socks

Literally so cute, it wasn't even a question of whether or not to buy these. How could I not? Although the ones I got are only available in store and are grey with white and orange sailboats.

Cards Against Humanity

So inappropriate, yet so funny. It's a perfect game to play with friends when you just need a good laugh. Basically, a great invest for anyone. 



I have to say, finding out there would be a snow day today was such a relief last night. I felt miserable and on top of it all I felt overwhelmed and stressed by the amount of studying and homework there was to do. But calling off school alleviated most of that. I went to bed early to try and sleep off whatever it was I was feeling and it sort-of worked. Until I woke up this morning, looked out my window and could barely see anything past the never-ending sheet of white snow.

Even after living on the East Coast for about 8 years, I STILL haven't fully adapted to the winter weather. I don't think I ever will, because I am simply not suited for the cold, wet, gross snow. I much prefer wearing shorts and a t-shirt and walking around in the sunshine rather than trudging through snow that reaches the top of my boots.

Well anyhow, there is no denying that snow has certain potential to be quite beautiful every now and then. So, I bundled up and took out my mom's new camera to snap a few pics. I have to say it was worth it, and also I do not plan to be leaving my house anymore today (the snow is almost up to my waist now).


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Fashion Week 2014

Having grown up in California, going to a NYC Fashion Week seemed like a very out of reach goal. But now being only a short train ride away, it's all that has been on my mind this week as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014 has commenced.

I've always wanted to go to a fashion week, I'm sure it's almost every little girls dream. Wear your best clothes, meet exciting new people, and of course the obvious getting to see previews of favorite upcoming lines. I'm going to do my best to make it to NYC next year even its for one show. Hopefully I will be able to make that happen.

Naturally, the one show I've been over-the-moon about seeing pictures from was J.Crew. Being my favorite store and all, I've been anxious all day to get home so I could finally get to 'ooh' and 'ahh' at the upcoming looks.

Let me say that they did not disappoint (not that I thought they would).  The article I was reading online, mentioned that head designer Tom Mora was inspired by Berlin in the twenties. The colors are a little gloomier than usual, but there is no lack of floral, polka dots, and about every texture and color combination imaginable. The beauty, as always, is in the details.

I for one can not wait to shop some of these looks in the Fall.

Here are some of my favorite of this upcoming Fall's German inspired sets:

 I would like them all, 
Please and Danke.



Valentine's Day Gifts

The big day coming up this week is either not able to come quick enough or is dreaded. But wether you have a special someone or not this Valentine's Day, it is the perfect day for showing your love and appreciation for anyone important to you.

The cliché gift ideas I could give you all would be some heart shaped boxes of chocolate, or a teddy bear, or a bouquet of a dozen red roses. But... I'm going to do something a little bit different. As much as getting all of those things can make you feel special and loved, they are only objects. True love is given and shown in gestures, experiences, and memories.

 (But hey, don't get me wrong, boxes of chocolate are always welcome)

Honestly how could you go wrong with this? It's romantic, it's fun, an amazing experience to share with someone and hey its chocolate.
You get to visit a handful of the best chocolatiers in the city and can try their signature products. I'm actually excited to be going myself in a couple weeks!

Another tried and true romantic gesture is making a reservation to take your loved one out to dinner to their favorite restaurant. By doing this you show how much you know them and that you want to do something special for them. Maybe even be a little adventurous and go somewhere new that they've been dying to try out! 

A Night In

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just have a relaxing night in. It's an intimate way to spend some time together and just take a break from everything you have going on around you. Binge watch some Netflix, order in some pizza and you are all set. My own personal plan is to watch the new season of House of Cards.

And remember, as Jay once said:
 "It's not about what you do, its about the person you spend it with."



I have to say it was a fun night. Sometimes you need an excuse to dress up and have fun with your friends.

This one's probably my favorite