Valentine's Day Gifts

The big day coming up this week is either not able to come quick enough or is dreaded. But wether you have a special someone or not this Valentine's Day, it is the perfect day for showing your love and appreciation for anyone important to you.

The cliché gift ideas I could give you all would be some heart shaped boxes of chocolate, or a teddy bear, or a bouquet of a dozen red roses. But... I'm going to do something a little bit different. As much as getting all of those things can make you feel special and loved, they are only objects. True love is given and shown in gestures, experiences, and memories.

 (But hey, don't get me wrong, boxes of chocolate are always welcome)

Honestly how could you go wrong with this? It's romantic, it's fun, an amazing experience to share with someone and hey its chocolate.
You get to visit a handful of the best chocolatiers in the city and can try their signature products. I'm actually excited to be going myself in a couple weeks!

Another tried and true romantic gesture is making a reservation to take your loved one out to dinner to their favorite restaurant. By doing this you show how much you know them and that you want to do something special for them. Maybe even be a little adventurous and go somewhere new that they've been dying to try out! 

A Night In

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just have a relaxing night in. It's an intimate way to spend some time together and just take a break from everything you have going on around you. Binge watch some Netflix, order in some pizza and you are all set. My own personal plan is to watch the new season of House of Cards.

And remember, as Jay once said:
 "It's not about what you do, its about the person you spend it with."

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