I think that just in this past week the amount of snow here is enough for me to last a lifetime without seeing snow ever again. At first you would think that it was a bonus because of the 2 bonus days for my winter break, but all that means is 2 less days for my spring break. Ugh.


I had the absolute perfect V-Day this year. It was simple, sweet, and perfectly thought out. I got some delicious cookies and chocolate (of course), and a wonderful dinner with my cutie.

House of Cards

Best. Show. Season 2 just came out on Friday and even the first episode blew me away. I'm exciting to keep watching as the plot continues to unravel.

J.Crew Sailboat Socks

Literally so cute, it wasn't even a question of whether or not to buy these. How could I not? Although the ones I got are only available in store and are grey with white and orange sailboats.

Cards Against Humanity

So inappropriate, yet so funny. It's a perfect game to play with friends when you just need a good laugh. Basically, a great invest for anyone. 

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