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This past week has been very eventful for me. I have had some ultimate highs, and yet some ultimate lows too, but isn't that how life always works?

Although I haven't been able to jump right back into blogging as I had hoped, I still appreciate having this space to turn to. This space that led me to finding my best friends, who have been there for me when I needed them most.

The best advice I've been given so far though, was of course from Cam. He indulged in my love for putting a quote to every situation and reminded me of Winston Churchill's saying, "If you're going through hell, keep going." 

The most important thing to do is to keep your head above the water and do your best not to drown. Luckily for me, it hasn't been so hard this time around since I have so many great people by my side.  



A successful week back in blogging! Here are my favorite links for the weekend!

-Taylor Swift lip syncing to Blank Space 
-I spent hours on Wednesday night taking Buzzfeed Quizzes
-Read the Undeniable Reports latest articles!
-Michaela's super cute outfit post
- Keep up with me on instagram!



Fashion: shirt // jeans // pumps // coat

Advice: A big problem I always seem to have is being overscheduled, overworked, and overwhelmed. Sometimes, you have to cut some of your priorities down to make sure you do your job right.



What better way to get back into blogging than participating in a link-up hosted by two of my best friends/adopted older sisters?

Michaela and Connie are hosting a Rainy Day Style Link-up so make sure you join the party!

*Side note: I am really excited to be back into blogging after the past couple of months. Things have been crazy (overused excuse? yes) and now that they are finally settling down--between college apps and  undeniable and my business-- I have some time to devote to the blog. I can't wait to share all my updates with you guys!*

This gorgeous red dress was sent to me to review by eShakti, a fabulous online retailer, a while ago. I had some great pictures I had taken in Charleston with the dress but my entire memory card was wiped a little while ago and I lost all of the pictures, and couldn't get them recovered. But, I plan on wearing this beauty for an upcoming special day, so stay tuned, and in the meantime go check out their new arrivals!

Dress: eShakti // Cardigan: J.Crew

  • What's your favorite way to keep warm on a rainy day?
Being cozy under a bunch of blankets with a hot cup of tea
  • Are you a hood, umbrella, or both kind of girl?
To be honest, none! I love the rain, and I love being outside in the rain and getting my hair wet! (I'm strange, I know)
  • What is your best hair tip for a rainy day?
Don't bother straightening, curling, or using any heat products. Let your hair be natural, and stock up on some anti-humidity cream or just go with a braid/bun!
  • What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Lying in bed, watching Netflix, drinking tea, spending time with the people I love- All. Day. Long.



Everyone. It's finally here. 

I'm not even lying when I say tears, sweat, and hard work were all major factors that led up to this day. Tears of anxiety and stress from every aspect of production and tears of happiness and pride when something would come together exactly as it was supposed to or from the overwhelming love of my Undeniable girls (aka undeniab├Žs). 

I have had the worst most stressful past couple of weeks, but luckily everything has seemed to be turning up. I have new people in my life who make me so happy, and I have been able to actually relax and feel like I can breathe for the first time in what seems like forever. 

There are so many things I can't wait to share with you all but for now lets focus on arguably the biggest thing in my life. The Undeniable Report. 

You may remember Undeniable Magazine, well we said we were getting a makeover and we weren't kidding. 

The site is now LIVE so go check it out and leave us comments to let us know what you think!

So many girls have put in so much time and effort into this project and all of you know who you are. Thank you for making this one of the best experiences of my life to date. 

I'm literally writing this post right before midnight because I have been working for hours to make sure everything was up and ready to go. So I'm keeping it short and simple, but of course you will be seeing a lot of UR on here. 

Make sure you subscribe and stay up to date on the latest articles!



When Caroline reached out to me about this mini-campaign she was starting, it was such a relief! Because honestly, even though I was already taking a serious break from blogging (posting like once a week, if at all), her idea gave me an actual excuse to take off for just one more week.

This past week, I have felt so pressured to write and schedule posts, and get my sh*t together. But unfortunately that also includes, 3 Summer assignments I have yet to complete, working on getting Undeniable ready for launch, working with Kath to get our organization/project up and running, getting ready for school just in general, and working for my social media management clients. 

Out of all those things, blogging may be the one I love most but it just isn't a priority. Every day that goes by that I don't write a post I feel bad and wish I had, but it's important to remember that every one has a life outside of their blog, and sometimes that becomes a number 1 priority.

So, this week you won't be seeing much from me on here- but I can promise that I will continue writing and scheduling posts for the following week. I start my first day of senior year on Thursday so wish me luck!!



Sorry about the absence...again. I'm the worst blogger ever. Oh well I pinky promise this time that I'm back ;)

I'm guessing if you read my blog, that well- you have already heard all about the Smart Girls Conference and people's adventures in NYC, from all the other fabulous bloggers out there!

Well, I'll probably be a little redundant but more on the SG Conference tomorrow :)

My first day in NYC was one not wasted, and it was the Tuesday before the conference. 

Here is what the day looked like for me:

I woke up wayyyy to early- like really it was not okay.

I drove into the city with my dad, and on his way to work he dropped me off in Greenwich. By the time we got there it was about, I don't know 7:30 am? I had an hour and a half to kill before my campus tour of NYU, and so I decided to do some city exploring. I have been to SoHo and West Village many times, but never on my own. And I think that when you are by yourself, and you get to go look around you notice the smaller details and learn to appreciate your surroundings even more so than in a big group. I walked down tiny little cobblestone streets at 8 in the morning, and I only saw maybe 5 other people my entire walk. Everything was quiet and beautiful and I was in awe. To think that this beautiful part of the world is right in my backyard and I just realize its true beauty!

Although I still was half-asleep and needed some coffee lol
I rarely rarely drink coffee, but I mean when I was only a block away from Happy Bones...how could I resist? It was hot, and I was tired, and so I opted for an iced coffee to-go and I am so happy I did because I mean look at how cute it was!

Not to mention, the coffee was not regular coffee. It tasted exotic and it was so delicious it didn't even need sugar! Happy Bones= a place I highly recommend. 

Once I was done with the SoHo exploring aspect of my day, I headed back on up to NYU. My dad is not necessarily keen on me going there because he wants me to have an actual college campus to gain the "full college experience". Personally, I think I could gain that experience and even more from NYU. It's an amazing school, with amazing people, in an amazing city. Win win win, right?

By the time my tour had ended I was starving. I took my time and walked through West Village and over to NoLIta. I stopped into Tacombi for some delicious tacos and fresh watermelon juice (to die for), and then before making my way to C. Wonder I found the cutest little gelato shop. And I might have had the best iced tea of my life there??? Crazy I know, but more on that later!

Once I hit up C. Wonder, the day was half-way over, and my phone was all the way dead. Luckily, there was a Starbucks right next to C. Wonder so I popped in for a blackberry mojito lemonade and got my phone charged up again!

I then took the subway up to the Upper West Side and met up with Katelyn! It was so exciting finally meeting her after countless emails/texts! We walked around for a couple of hours and explored the neighborhood and just talked and talked and talked and then we found ourselves at the Kate Spade on Madison Ave.

Best. Store. Ever.

I think Hunter, Katelyn, and I can all agree that it was so beautiful, and the nicest people work there. After some special treatment, with sitting out on the third floor balcony with sparkling waters, we called it a day!

It was such a busy and eventful day but hands down the best part was meeting up with my girls :)



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Hi guys!

Well...this is embarassing. 2.5 weeks of not posting? Woops!

Unfortunately, I have been working on so much that has had to take priority to the blog, but I'm finally back! Starting Monday I will be going back to my usual posting schedule and you'll get to hear about all the fun projects I've been working on!

Here are some topics to be looking forward to:

  • My week in NYC through day recaps
  • Best places to eat/drink in the city
  • Smart Girls Conference
  • My job as a social media manager
  • Some fun outfit posts!
  • Some inspiration I've picked up along the way
  • My best friends....that I met through blogging!
  • The non-profit organization I'm starting

And thats only some! 

See... I told you I've been busy! ;)

I can't wait for you guys to read up on a bunch of new and exciting things on here starting Monday!

Stay tuned




Sorry for being so M.I.A this week! I have been having a crazy work schedule, but things are finally cooling off (lol not really). For the past few nights I've been up until 2 a.m and later doing work on this magazine, the blog, the new things coming up for Undeniable, my actual job, the Smart Girls Group, and more. Luckily I have awesome friends who don't mind staying up and video chatting with me while I get all these things done. 

Anyways, now that the week is starting I have so much to look forward to!! I'm going to be  busy today getting ready for Tuesday-Friday in the city, and have a college essay workshop (ew). But tomorrow I get to go hangout in the city with some awesome blogging buddies! I can not wait to see Hunter, Katelyn, and Natalie! And then Wednesday/Thursday are going to be fun filled adventures at the SGG Conference, and Friday going with some fellow smart girls on tours of places like the Teen Vogue Headquarters, and meeting up with another blogger buddy! I have so much to look forward to and am literally counting down the hours.

But back to business everyone.

Undeniable Issue 3 is here and it is featuring one of the most inspiring ladies to me, Miss Ashley Brooke of Ashley Brooke Designs. The sayings on her mugs speak to me on a spiritual level (especially the Ain't Nobody Got Time For That! one ;) )

I hope you all enjoy this fabulous issue, for it may be the last! What?? The last issue! Yes!

But don't worry, Undeniable isn't going anywhere. It's just getting a makeover ;)

I have a feeling you guys will love what big changes are coming, and if you're interested in being a part of the Undeniable team feel free to email me!

So, for now, Cheers to a great start of July!



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Now that it's summer, it's very easy to let the time slip by, to forget what day of the week it is, and to be anything but productive. I've been trying to keep myself busy so I don't end up just sitting at home feeling lonely and bored, and so far so good! I've made plenty of time to hang out with my friends, to go the pool, spend some time with my family, work, eat, and sleep! I've always been an early riser and can only sleep in until 10 if I go to bed very late or if I'm feeling under the weather. So, as I have been struggling to fall into a routine, I think I finally got it! Here's what the typical summer day looks like for me:

1.Wake up and shower- For me, as soon as I get up I have to shower, before I eat breakfast, that way I'm up and already feeling refreshed!

2.Breakfast- During the school year, I rarely have time to eat breakfast (a terrible habit to make), so during the summer I usually opt for a lighter breakfast, i.e fruit, yogurt, or cereal.

3. Morning Shows- taking a cue from Hunter, I decided to finally get back to watching some of my favorite morning shows! I never watch them during the school year because well, hello, I'm in school, but I really forgot how much I love them! (Live with Kelly and Michael anyone?)

4. Work- Luckily, all of my jobs only require two things. Me and my computer. So I can work from anywhere! I usually work on my blog when I watch my morning TV, and then transition into my actual job (more on that tomorrow), and then to my magazine. I work throughout the course of the entire day though (of course with breaks in between)

5. Pool- I have gone to the pool pretty much everyday this past week and have been loving it! I love being near the water even if it means just physically being near it and not actually going in it (typical California girl). But no, I love to swim, and obviously love any body of water, be it a pool, the ocean, or the lake (also a typical sailor girl). Luckily the pool I go to has wifi so I get to do some work and chill out poolside!

6. Home- once I finally get back home I usually plop down and relax. I try to get off of my computer and to either hang out reading or watching TV with my siblings.

7. Friends- If I haven't already seen my friends at the pool, we always hang out at night. Bonfires, dinners, movie nights, you name it! Since pretty much all of my friends now drive it makes things so much easier!!!

So thats the typical summer day for Stasia! I do have some more exciting things coming up though, so you all just wait ;)



“Fit is the most important detail for a suit. Marry that with classic color options and quality fabric, and you have a great looking, versatile suit for every occasion,” says Dwight Fenton, Bonobos VP of Design.

We all have men in our life, be it our dad, best friend, boyfriend, brother, etc. Well for me, one of the most special guys in my life is also one of the most stylish. But seriously, my dad and his wardrobe just can not be beat. He's always wearing some new pastel color chino pant, with new Sperries or Jack Purcells, and a seersucker blazer, with a button down that has embroidered watermelons. No, I'm not joking. We get boxes delivered to my house daily either from Gilt or his personal favorite, Gant, and he gets home, opens them and says "It's like Christmas morning!". Yep, that's my dad for you. He takes preppy to a whole new level, and I have to say he does a great job. 

So, when the guys at Bonobos contacted me I was so intrigued! The first thing I did was run to my dad to ask him if he had anything from them, and then we perused their site for a good amount of time.  I think it's safe to say that I know where I'll be shopping for my dad from now, and that there will be plenty of boxes arriving to my doorstep that say Bonobos!

Most men continue working during the summer, or have plenty of weddings and other miscellaneous events to attend to, and so it can be very difficult to wear a suit and tie everyday in the hot weather. But with Bonobos' new summer line, they won't just look stylish but they'll also be feeling better in the lighter colors, seersucker prints, and lighter cotton fabric. I'm telling you these guys know their stuff. 

If you need proof, just look at their amazing looks!
Shop Bonobos here
and their summer suit collection here!



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This week has been one to remember. I have literally experienced just abut every emotion there is on the spectrum. From crying, to confusion, to relief, to sheer happiness, I've literally felt it all. But of course, along the way I have learned so many things. I have learned that there is a point where you will have to start letting go, maybe I'm not fully there but I'm definitely closely approaching, I have also been reminded that your friends are your friends for a reason and throughout the good times and bad times they will be there 100% to support you, and lastly everything happens for a reason-and probably for the best. So, now that school is finally out, I can focus on myself, my friends, having fun at the beach next week, the SGG Conference and my super fun travel plans!
Cheers to the weekend :)

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