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This week has been one to remember. I have literally experienced just abut every emotion there is on the spectrum. From crying, to confusion, to relief, to sheer happiness, I've literally felt it all. But of course, along the way I have learned so many things. I have learned that there is a point where you will have to start letting go, maybe I'm not fully there but I'm definitely closely approaching, I have also been reminded that your friends are your friends for a reason and throughout the good times and bad times they will be there 100% to support you, and lastly everything happens for a reason-and probably for the best. So, now that school is finally out, I can focus on myself, my friends, having fun at the beach next week, the SGG Conference and my super fun travel plans!
Cheers to the weekend :)

-The Always Broken Goddess (read it, it's inspiring)

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-A stairs slide? yes please!

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-Recently getting back to tumblr!

-J.Crews super great sale

-If you still haven't bought your SGG Conference tickets do it here!


  1. Great post!

  2. And always remember you're stronger than you'll (hopefully) ever have to know. Great post. :)