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Hi guys!

Well...this is embarassing. 2.5 weeks of not posting? Woops!

Unfortunately, I have been working on so much that has had to take priority to the blog, but I'm finally back! Starting Monday I will be going back to my usual posting schedule and you'll get to hear about all the fun projects I've been working on!

Here are some topics to be looking forward to:

  • My week in NYC through day recaps
  • Best places to eat/drink in the city
  • Smart Girls Conference
  • My job as a social media manager
  • Some fun outfit posts!
  • Some inspiration I've picked up along the way
  • My best friends....that I met through blogging!
  • The non-profit organization I'm starting

And thats only some! 

See... I told you I've been busy! ;)

I can't wait for you guys to read up on a bunch of new and exciting things on here starting Monday!

Stay tuned




Sorry for being so M.I.A this week! I have been having a crazy work schedule, but things are finally cooling off (lol not really). For the past few nights I've been up until 2 a.m and later doing work on this magazine, the blog, the new things coming up for Undeniable, my actual job, the Smart Girls Group, and more. Luckily I have awesome friends who don't mind staying up and video chatting with me while I get all these things done. 

Anyways, now that the week is starting I have so much to look forward to!! I'm going to be  busy today getting ready for Tuesday-Friday in the city, and have a college essay workshop (ew). But tomorrow I get to go hangout in the city with some awesome blogging buddies! I can not wait to see Hunter, Katelyn, and Natalie! And then Wednesday/Thursday are going to be fun filled adventures at the SGG Conference, and Friday going with some fellow smart girls on tours of places like the Teen Vogue Headquarters, and meeting up with another blogger buddy! I have so much to look forward to and am literally counting down the hours.

But back to business everyone.

Undeniable Issue 3 is here and it is featuring one of the most inspiring ladies to me, Miss Ashley Brooke of Ashley Brooke Designs. The sayings on her mugs speak to me on a spiritual level (especially the Ain't Nobody Got Time For That! one ;) )

I hope you all enjoy this fabulous issue, for it may be the last! What?? The last issue! Yes!

But don't worry, Undeniable isn't going anywhere. It's just getting a makeover ;)

I have a feeling you guys will love what big changes are coming, and if you're interested in being a part of the Undeniable team feel free to email me!

So, for now, Cheers to a great start of July!



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Now that it's summer, it's very easy to let the time slip by, to forget what day of the week it is, and to be anything but productive. I've been trying to keep myself busy so I don't end up just sitting at home feeling lonely and bored, and so far so good! I've made plenty of time to hang out with my friends, to go the pool, spend some time with my family, work, eat, and sleep! I've always been an early riser and can only sleep in until 10 if I go to bed very late or if I'm feeling under the weather. So, as I have been struggling to fall into a routine, I think I finally got it! Here's what the typical summer day looks like for me:

1.Wake up and shower- For me, as soon as I get up I have to shower, before I eat breakfast, that way I'm up and already feeling refreshed!

2.Breakfast- During the school year, I rarely have time to eat breakfast (a terrible habit to make), so during the summer I usually opt for a lighter breakfast, i.e fruit, yogurt, or cereal.

3. Morning Shows- taking a cue from Hunter, I decided to finally get back to watching some of my favorite morning shows! I never watch them during the school year because well, hello, I'm in school, but I really forgot how much I love them! (Live with Kelly and Michael anyone?)

4. Work- Luckily, all of my jobs only require two things. Me and my computer. So I can work from anywhere! I usually work on my blog when I watch my morning TV, and then transition into my actual job (more on that tomorrow), and then to my magazine. I work throughout the course of the entire day though (of course with breaks in between)

5. Pool- I have gone to the pool pretty much everyday this past week and have been loving it! I love being near the water even if it means just physically being near it and not actually going in it (typical California girl). But no, I love to swim, and obviously love any body of water, be it a pool, the ocean, or the lake (also a typical sailor girl). Luckily the pool I go to has wifi so I get to do some work and chill out poolside!

6. Home- once I finally get back home I usually plop down and relax. I try to get off of my computer and to either hang out reading or watching TV with my siblings.

7. Friends- If I haven't already seen my friends at the pool, we always hang out at night. Bonfires, dinners, movie nights, you name it! Since pretty much all of my friends now drive it makes things so much easier!!!

So thats the typical summer day for Stasia! I do have some more exciting things coming up though, so you all just wait ;)