Hey guys! It's been a nice short week, and TGIF. I'm excited to get up early, go out to breakfast with my family to celebrate my birthday, then go with friends to explore Brooklyn, and afterwards have a nice relaxing time with Jay. I hope everyone's weeks weren't too bad despite wishing that we were all on vacation on an island somewhere ;)

Here are my favorite links for the week!

-LOL to this guy for ordering the most expensive S-Bux drink ever

-AnnaLynne McCord touching and very sad, yet powerful story

-This adorable post with Huxter Goods from Carly

-Enter Gracey's giveaway to win a perfect summer necklace!

-Sloane's beautiful shots from Central Park

-The book that is at the stop of my reading list!

- The place I can't wait to go to tomorrow



Who doesn't love Mindy Kaling?

I just finished reading her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns) and it was so good! It was hilarious, seriously, I have never laughed out loud so much from reading a book. Its basically a collection of essays crossed with a memoir, following her life from childhood. I can't even begin to explain how much respect I gained for Mindy after reading her book. She is pure talent, and didn't have the road to success paved for her, she worked for it, and eventually got the recognition she deserved. 

The Office is basically my all-time favorite show, and Mindy (Kelly on the show) I always found to be hilarious, even though she was one of the background characters. After I read the book, I realized she wrote/directed some of my favorite episodes, and we both share the same favorite, Fun Run (Season 2 Ep. 1). 

I pretty much binge watched the entire 2 seasons of The Mindy Project and have probably seen each episode 3+ times. She nails it as her character, and now that I've read her book, I see that she works more to bring out her actual real-life qualities in this show, unlike in The Office where she portrayed a tabloid-crazy girly girl.

Mindy emphasizes the power of being true to yourself, doing what you love, and having confidence.

She shouldn't just be your favorite actress, but a role model to us all.



The Summer season is quickly approaching, and the weather is absolutely beautiful!
I love wearing simple, light colors this time of year, and the pastel blue/pink combination is one of my favorites. I got this button down from Vineyard Vines awhile ago, and I wear it all the timeIt's perfect throughout all seasons, because it is light enough to wear casually, but can also be dressed up for an event or a nice dinner. But this time, I went the casual route and paired it with some distressed shorts and pastel Sperrys with mesh siding, and it was the perfect Spring/Summer outfit.

Shirt: Vineyard Vines (similar) // Shorts: Gap (similar
Shoes: Sperry (similar) // Bracelet: Gift (similar)



Who hasn't dreamed about venturing off to Greece at one point or another?

On my huge list of places I want to go, Greece has been on it ever since I was a little girl. Every time I see a picture, I get washed over by wanderlust because its all SO pretty! 

I want to swim in the blue waters, walk around the little alley ways, take pictures of all the white with beautiful pops of color. (sigh)

One day, one day....

(all images can be found on my Pinterest board)



As many of you have probably already heard, the Smart Girls Group is hosting their first annual Summit in New York City in July. I recently became a part of the group, writing for the High School Column on their Loop. 
(You can check out my first article here!)

The Summit is going to be filled with expos, workshops, speaker presentations, and other networking events! I can't wait to see Carly from The College Prepster again, and Mackenzie from Design Darling!

If you haven't boughten your tickets yet, I strongly encourage you too. This two-day event will be nothing short of awesome, and I would love to meet you guys there! I have already connected with people who are going virtually, so I can't wait to meet them in real life.

Buy your tickets on their website!

Hope to see you all there :)



This is only my second outfit post, but it is the first of my new weekly series.
Every Wednesday, you can look forward to my favorite outfit of the week right here!

(Also, if you noticed I chopped off my hair! I took the plunge and got 5 inches off)

I can't resist a green gingham, and this shirt dress from Gap had my name written all over it.
I was obsessed with this dress for months before I finally splurged and bought it! 

Not to mention it is perfect for Spring and Summer!

Dress: Gap (similar) // Bracelet: Alex and Ani // Shoes: Mila Paoli (similar to Jack Rogers)






Kicking off the week with a fun activity!
One of my favorite ladies, who blogs over at Lenon Coté and writes for Undeniable, nominated me for a Liebster Award a while ago, and I am just getting around to doing it!
Everything was crazy with the release of the first issue of Undeniable (I promise you I'm more organized this time around!), and so I was forced to take a little bit of time from blogging. But now that I'm back I am super excited to present to you my answers for the Liebster Award, and my nominees :)
11 Facts About Myself!
  1. In order to be fully functional I have to write lists for everything
  2. I have an Arnold Palmer almost every morning
  3. I'm a California girl
  4. Chocolate=life
  5. I know pretty much the entire J.Crew inventory at all times
  6. I don't remember a day when I wasn't wearing at least 1 thing from J.Crew
  7. If you haven't already caught on, J.Crew is my favorite store
  8. I have 2 younger siblings
  9. I'm actually very scared of lobsters
  10. I make the world's best banana bread (true story)
  11. I am on my school's varsity sailing team

Ajah's Questions for Me!

1. What made you want to start a blog? I wanted a space for myself, to share the things I love with the 
2. Favorite ice cream flavor? Yikes, this is hard- Founder's Favorites + Raspberries from Cold Stone
3. What is your guilty pleasure? One Tree Hill LOL
4. What is your favorite fashion season and why? This one is difficult because I love two- I love Fall because you can still pull off wearing shorts, but you also get to break out sweaters and cardigans and can experiment with some darker colors. But then I love Spring because you get to finally wear shorts again and I love the sun shining with everyone wearing bright colors and florals!
5.  Top 3 items you cannot do without? Ummm... my legal pad, chocolate, and my boyfriend. 
6. Who is your fashion icon? Blake Lively
7. Coke or Pepsi? Dr. Pepper
8. Where is somewhere you have always wanted to visit? Greece <3
9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Out of college, in Los Angeles, with an awesome job and with the person/people I love
10. Biggest pet peeve? Spelling exercise wrong every time I write it.
11. What advice can you give to new bloggers? Just go for it! Make sure you take some risks and have fun.

Now, it's my turn to nominate 11 bloggers for the award. Here are the rules.
You will have to list 11 random facts about yourself, then answer my 11 questions, and then nominate your own list of 11 bloggers! Remember- only blogs with under 1000 followers!
And please link back to me when you post so I can see your responses!!!!

Who I nominate:

Hunter- Prep on a Budget
Eliza- Eliza's Ramblings
Nancy- Fancy Nancista
Frannie- The Blonde Prep
Natalie- The PDX Prepster
Gracey- Stripes & Peonies
Lauren-A Touch of Southern Grace
Julia- Endlessly Exciting
Meredith-Monogrammed Meredith
Lauren- Lauren Rose Prep
Courtney- Behind her Monogrammed Macbook

Questions for the nominees
  1. What is your favorite part about blogging?
  2. If you could only drink one more thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
  3. Favorite kind of chocolate (I'm assuming everyone loves chocolate)
  4. Favorite Store?
  5. What sports do you watch, if any?
  6. The app you use the most
  7. Favorite color combos
  8. How long have you been blogging?
  9. Favorite summer activity
  10. Favorite flowers
  11. What makes you the happiest?

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Friday night was my Junior Prom, and I had such a great time! 

Jay and I aren't really the dancing type, so our night mostly consisted of people watching and catching up with friends and teachers; and it was nothing short of amazing.

We had such a fun time, even though it went on for a little longer than it needed to ;)

This year I decided to go with a short dress, and save the long gown for my senior prom only.
I had fun getting ready, and was so excited (and relieved) that my dress fit. I ordered it online from Rent the Runway, my first time ever using them for an event, and I loved it! 

A prom dress is usually something you only wear once, although this particular dress can be worn to any formal occasion really, so it's nice to not have it hanging in your closet taking up extra-room by using RTR's services.

I had a great time before, during, and after prom, and I couldn't have asked to spend the night with a better guy!

(Unfortunately, it was pretty rainy out, so most of the shots are indoors rather than outside.)



Throwback to a few weeks ago to my post Keeping Time , where I talked about how I was in the market for a new watch. Well, all of those were great options, but when I was in NYC with my dad we walked into the Swatch store and I fell in love with one of their watches. 
When I showed it to my dad, he said Happy Birthday, and even though my birthday is at the very end of May, I am oh so very grateful for the early gift. 
I absolutely have been loving this watch, I wear it everyday and it literally goes with everything!
So don't be surprised if in every picture of me you see, I'm wearing it! :)

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I have been in love with Rifle Paper Co. for quite some time now, and  I always love to stay up to date with their products!
Rifle Paper Co., is a beautiful stationary company started by husband-wife team Anna & Nathan Bond. Anna's designs are all handmade, and all the florals really hit my soft spots! :) 
Now I just have to decide, what exactly it is I want to get....

one // two // three // four 

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Lately everything has been so beautiful! I couldn't help but take some pictures of all the beauty around me (specifically flowers and trees bc i'm slightly obsessed) I hope you all enjoy!!!

(if you look closely you can see the rain in the background)

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