Friday night was my Junior Prom, and I had such a great time! 

Jay and I aren't really the dancing type, so our night mostly consisted of people watching and catching up with friends and teachers; and it was nothing short of amazing.

We had such a fun time, even though it went on for a little longer than it needed to ;)

This year I decided to go with a short dress, and save the long gown for my senior prom only.
I had fun getting ready, and was so excited (and relieved) that my dress fit. I ordered it online from Rent the Runway, my first time ever using them for an event, and I loved it! 

A prom dress is usually something you only wear once, although this particular dress can be worn to any formal occasion really, so it's nice to not have it hanging in your closet taking up extra-room by using RTR's services.

I had a great time before, during, and after prom, and I couldn't have asked to spend the night with a better guy!

(Unfortunately, it was pretty rainy out, so most of the shots are indoors rather than outside.)


  1. great photos :)) your dress is gorgeous :))


  2. My friend used Rent the Runway for our senior prom and it worked out well for her too. Glad you had a great time!

    1. Thats great! I loved using them, and will probably use them for Senior prom too :)

  3. Love those shoes! I remember my senior prom it was POURING outside, we all got soaked but it was one heck of a memory! Hope you both had a fantastic time!

    Pick Your Beau

    1. Thanks so much :) And yes you're very right haha it is one heck of a memory!

  4. I LOVE your dress. Red lace it's so classic! I remember my Junior Prom haha it was so much fun, I had a great time.
    You two look adorable!!!

  5. Aww lovely prom dress! :)
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :D


  6. I absolutely love your shoes!!! I didn't get to go to my prom this year. I was out of town which was a bummer, but I am glad that you had fun! You and your date looked great!!!

  7. I love that the UK is starting to adopt the tradition of prom more than ever. All I had was the school disco. I was so happy for my son to be able to attend prom this year even if it meant having to force him into a tux (thank heavens for men’s suit hire). I treasure my pictures of my boy on the way to prom

    Sheila Henderson @ Exclusive Mens Wear Leicester