Kicking off the week with a fun activity!
One of my favorite ladies, who blogs over at Lenon Coté and writes for Undeniable, nominated me for a Liebster Award a while ago, and I am just getting around to doing it!
Everything was crazy with the release of the first issue of Undeniable (I promise you I'm more organized this time around!), and so I was forced to take a little bit of time from blogging. But now that I'm back I am super excited to present to you my answers for the Liebster Award, and my nominees :)
11 Facts About Myself!
  1. In order to be fully functional I have to write lists for everything
  2. I have an Arnold Palmer almost every morning
  3. I'm a California girl
  4. Chocolate=life
  5. I know pretty much the entire J.Crew inventory at all times
  6. I don't remember a day when I wasn't wearing at least 1 thing from J.Crew
  7. If you haven't already caught on, J.Crew is my favorite store
  8. I have 2 younger siblings
  9. I'm actually very scared of lobsters
  10. I make the world's best banana bread (true story)
  11. I am on my school's varsity sailing team

Ajah's Questions for Me!

1. What made you want to start a blog? I wanted a space for myself, to share the things I love with the 
2. Favorite ice cream flavor? Yikes, this is hard- Founder's Favorites + Raspberries from Cold Stone
3. What is your guilty pleasure? One Tree Hill LOL
4. What is your favorite fashion season and why? This one is difficult because I love two- I love Fall because you can still pull off wearing shorts, but you also get to break out sweaters and cardigans and can experiment with some darker colors. But then I love Spring because you get to finally wear shorts again and I love the sun shining with everyone wearing bright colors and florals!
5.  Top 3 items you cannot do without? Ummm... my legal pad, chocolate, and my boyfriend. 
6. Who is your fashion icon? Blake Lively
7. Coke or Pepsi? Dr. Pepper
8. Where is somewhere you have always wanted to visit? Greece <3
9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Out of college, in Los Angeles, with an awesome job and with the person/people I love
10. Biggest pet peeve? Spelling exercise wrong every time I write it.
11. What advice can you give to new bloggers? Just go for it! Make sure you take some risks and have fun.

Now, it's my turn to nominate 11 bloggers for the award. Here are the rules.
You will have to list 11 random facts about yourself, then answer my 11 questions, and then nominate your own list of 11 bloggers! Remember- only blogs with under 1000 followers!
And please link back to me when you post so I can see your responses!!!!

Who I nominate:

Hunter- Prep on a Budget
Eliza- Eliza's Ramblings
Nancy- Fancy Nancista
Frannie- The Blonde Prep
Natalie- The PDX Prepster
Gracey- Stripes & Peonies
Lauren-A Touch of Southern Grace
Julia- Endlessly Exciting
Meredith-Monogrammed Meredith
Lauren- Lauren Rose Prep
Courtney- Behind her Monogrammed Macbook

Questions for the nominees
  1. What is your favorite part about blogging?
  2. If you could only drink one more thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
  3. Favorite kind of chocolate (I'm assuming everyone loves chocolate)
  4. Favorite Store?
  5. What sports do you watch, if any?
  6. The app you use the most
  7. Favorite color combos
  8. How long have you been blogging?
  9. Favorite summer activity
  10. Favorite flowers
  11. What makes you the happiest?

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  2. This is such a great contest for small time bloggers (like me!). Best of luck

  3. This is fabulous! I agree, Dr. Pepper is the best if I do end up with soda!