Today is the official last day of school. 
*Insert huge sigh of relief here*
No one ever really goes but I like to just to say goodbye to my teachers, and this year my teachers have been nothing short of wonderful so I owe it to them to have a proper goodbye and what not!

But, everything seems to be slowly falling back into place. Since Sunday I have noticed my self being more chipper and really just more me.  I can't thank my friends enough for just being so supportive and there for me through everything. It's just good to know that when times get rough, who will be there by your side. 

Now that school's out, I will have a lot of time on my hands and I have some very very exciting things to share with you guys soon! In between a 4th of july beach trip, the Smart Girls Group Summit, my road trip and extensive list of college travels, there will be plenty to share I'm sure!

So, heres to the last day of junior year, the last day of stress and worries, and the first day of a new beginning, and a very happy beginning at that :)

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