For some reason, it just felt like this week would never end! But....it did, thank goodness. Next week my final exams start, so this weekend will be full of studying (preferably poolside), and with Jay's help I'm gonna ace my History exam! But studying aside, I have to spend the other part of my weekend working, hopefully fitting in some Starbucks runs and quality time with my fav (Jay of course). Stay tuned for some super exciting things coming upon the blog, like a new series I'm introducing on Monday! You won't wanna miss it :)

- this super inspiring post by Connie about her freshman year in college

download Carly's (from TCP) app!

- I've really been working on growing my Twitter, just started it up last week!

-Stay tuned for the cutest workout clothes you'll ever find!

- Super jealous of Sloane for going to the Lanvin show!! read about it here

-Can I get this mug, please?!

- And I can't wait to get started as the new Collaboration Editor for The Smart Girls Group!


  1. The coffee mug is adorbs! I'm following you on Twitter, and best of luck with your new position! <3

    1. Thank you!!! And I know, I want it so badly!