When Caroline reached out to me about this mini-campaign she was starting, it was such a relief! Because honestly, even though I was already taking a serious break from blogging (posting like once a week, if at all), her idea gave me an actual excuse to take off for just one more week.

This past week, I have felt so pressured to write and schedule posts, and get my sh*t together. But unfortunately that also includes, 3 Summer assignments I have yet to complete, working on getting Undeniable ready for launch, working with Kath to get our organization/project up and running, getting ready for school just in general, and working for my social media management clients. 

Out of all those things, blogging may be the one I love most but it just isn't a priority. Every day that goes by that I don't write a post I feel bad and wish I had, but it's important to remember that every one has a life outside of their blog, and sometimes that becomes a number 1 priority.

So, this week you won't be seeing much from me on here- but I can promise that I will continue writing and scheduling posts for the following week. I start my first day of senior year on Thursday so wish me luck!!

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