Sorry about the absence...again. I'm the worst blogger ever. Oh well I pinky promise this time that I'm back ;)

I'm guessing if you read my blog, that well- you have already heard all about the Smart Girls Conference and people's adventures in NYC, from all the other fabulous bloggers out there!

Well, I'll probably be a little redundant but more on the SG Conference tomorrow :)

My first day in NYC was one not wasted, and it was the Tuesday before the conference. 

Here is what the day looked like for me:

I woke up wayyyy to early- like really it was not okay.

I drove into the city with my dad, and on his way to work he dropped me off in Greenwich. By the time we got there it was about, I don't know 7:30 am? I had an hour and a half to kill before my campus tour of NYU, and so I decided to do some city exploring. I have been to SoHo and West Village many times, but never on my own. And I think that when you are by yourself, and you get to go look around you notice the smaller details and learn to appreciate your surroundings even more so than in a big group. I walked down tiny little cobblestone streets at 8 in the morning, and I only saw maybe 5 other people my entire walk. Everything was quiet and beautiful and I was in awe. To think that this beautiful part of the world is right in my backyard and I just realize its true beauty!

Although I still was half-asleep and needed some coffee lol
I rarely rarely drink coffee, but I mean when I was only a block away from Happy Bones...how could I resist? It was hot, and I was tired, and so I opted for an iced coffee to-go and I am so happy I did because I mean look at how cute it was!

Not to mention, the coffee was not regular coffee. It tasted exotic and it was so delicious it didn't even need sugar! Happy Bones= a place I highly recommend. 

Once I was done with the SoHo exploring aspect of my day, I headed back on up to NYU. My dad is not necessarily keen on me going there because he wants me to have an actual college campus to gain the "full college experience". Personally, I think I could gain that experience and even more from NYU. It's an amazing school, with amazing people, in an amazing city. Win win win, right?

By the time my tour had ended I was starving. I took my time and walked through West Village and over to NoLIta. I stopped into Tacombi for some delicious tacos and fresh watermelon juice (to die for), and then before making my way to C. Wonder I found the cutest little gelato shop. And I might have had the best iced tea of my life there??? Crazy I know, but more on that later!

Once I hit up C. Wonder, the day was half-way over, and my phone was all the way dead. Luckily, there was a Starbucks right next to C. Wonder so I popped in for a blackberry mojito lemonade and got my phone charged up again!

I then took the subway up to the Upper West Side and met up with Katelyn! It was so exciting finally meeting her after countless emails/texts! We walked around for a couple of hours and explored the neighborhood and just talked and talked and talked and then we found ourselves at the Kate Spade on Madison Ave.

Best. Store. Ever.

I think Hunter, Katelyn, and I can all agree that it was so beautiful, and the nicest people work there. After some special treatment, with sitting out on the third floor balcony with sparkling waters, we called it a day!

It was such a busy and eventful day but hands down the best part was meeting up with my girls :)


  1. OMG best day ever Anna! A day to remember because it was the day we met! So glad you're back blogging. I missed your posts!

    XO! Katelyn

    1. I know!! and thank youuu I love youuu xx