What better way to get back into blogging than participating in a link-up hosted by two of my best friends/adopted older sisters?

Michaela and Connie are hosting a Rainy Day Style Link-up so make sure you join the party!

*Side note: I am really excited to be back into blogging after the past couple of months. Things have been crazy (overused excuse? yes) and now that they are finally settling down--between college apps and  undeniable and my business-- I have some time to devote to the blog. I can't wait to share all my updates with you guys!*

This gorgeous red dress was sent to me to review by eShakti, a fabulous online retailer, a while ago. I had some great pictures I had taken in Charleston with the dress but my entire memory card was wiped a little while ago and I lost all of the pictures, and couldn't get them recovered. But, I plan on wearing this beauty for an upcoming special day, so stay tuned, and in the meantime go check out their new arrivals!

Dress: eShakti // Cardigan: J.Crew

  • What's your favorite way to keep warm on a rainy day?
Being cozy under a bunch of blankets with a hot cup of tea
  • Are you a hood, umbrella, or both kind of girl?
To be honest, none! I love the rain, and I love being outside in the rain and getting my hair wet! (I'm strange, I know)
  • What is your best hair tip for a rainy day?
Don't bother straightening, curling, or using any heat products. Let your hair be natural, and stock up on some anti-humidity cream or just go with a braid/bun!
  • What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Lying in bed, watching Netflix, drinking tea, spending time with the people I love- All. Day. Long.


  1. Love your red dress! It's so cutee :)


  2. Love the dress, a bun is my go-to hair style on a rainy day! Great post.


  3. Love, love, love the dress and you look amazing as always!


  4. I love that dress! So pretty on you :)

    Checking your look from the linkup. I hope you can swing by my blog too, or connect on social media if you want? Either way, I'd love to hear from you. xo


  5. I'm so excited that you're back to blogging! Thanks for participating in the linkup. You look gorgeous! And that dress is perfect on you. xo

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner