Who says fashion can't be extremely comfortable?

Lately, it seems like the only things I will wear are pajamas, and other clothing of the same sort. I don't really have much energy to channel into looking all nice and put together 24/7, especially since I don't go anywhere special. I would much prefer to just be comfortable and relaxed at home in some sweats and a sweatshirt.

But then, of course, the only thing that comes out of my mom's mouth is "You have a closet full of such nice clothes, and you never wear them, what a waste!"

Those "nice clothes" she was referencing all pretty much came from J. Crew, because, well let's be real, 3/4ths of my entire wardrobe is J.Crew. So, with that being said, I decided to compile some of my favorite comfy styles that they currently have in stock, and will definitely be investing in a few of them...

  1. Linen Paneled Tee
  2. Weekend Sweatshirt
  3. Piamita Isabella Shirt In Solid
  4. Collection Cashmere Getaway Hoodie
  5. Linen Baseball Tee in L'Amour Triomphe
  6. Drapey Drawstring Pant
  7. Anchor Trouser Socks
  8. Printed Silk Snood
  9. Pajama Pant in End-on-End Cotton Stripe
  10. Lodge Moccasins

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