50+ Followers!
This week I hit over 50 followers! It's crazy I'm so close to hitting the big 1-0-0.
When  I started this blog, I didn't expect everything to happen so quickly, but I am so thankful and glad that it has. It is already opening new opportunities for me, and allowing me to connect with some amazing people. It's been so fun watching it grow and I can't wait to see what is to come.

The Bakeshop-Brooklyn
After reading Carly's post about what seems to be the cutest bakery here, I knew I wanted to go! I'm aching to get back into the city for a day trip and I would love to explore Brooklyn, since I've never been. Hopefully I can make it there soon and try out this cute little place.

Lilly Pulitzer Anastasia Dress
This dress and I are a match made in heaven, obviously only soley for the fact that we share the same name! But seriously, the subtle zebra print on the navy is perfection.

Scandal is back!
One of my friends the other day used this line, "Someone better call Kerry Washington because there's about to be a scandal". And I choked on my water from laughing so hard. I love this show, and Olivia Pope is my favorite TV character hands down. So I couldn't be happier that the show is back in full swing after their short hiatus. 

Frozen spoof
When Jay sent this to me, I was expecting to just listen to one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies, but as I started singing I realized the words didn't match up. So I went back, replayed it, and could not stop laughing about how they were able to recreate the song with these lyrics.


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