When the people at 1rst Class Fasion reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in doing a feature on them, I was extremely curious to see what and who they were.

Upon visiting their website I was amazed. 

First of all, let me just say, I am a huge fan on website designs that are clean and simple and are the perfect mix of modern and elegant. They hit the nail on the head, for sure.

The first thing I read was the CEO's letter, which held the tagline "Turn your photo likes into airplane miles!" Talk about a hook! I had to keep reading.

I learned everything I needed to know about the company, in just a few brief short and sweet sentences.

Collins Ezeuka, the CEO himself is an amazingly successful man. I was confused at first seeing that he is also a full time doctor! Yes, that is right, a doctor who has a passion for fashion and travel. It's so cool!

He was inspired when he was at the airport and took mental notes on the different styles he saw around him, and thought how awesome it would be if people got to go to places based on their style.

Then, 1rst class fashion was born!

It's easy... You upload photos of yourself wearing your favorite outfits, and the rest of the 1rst class community will like your pictures and leave you comments! Whoever has the greatest number of like over 300 in that particular month will win a paid-for round trip plane ticket to anywhere in the world of your choosing!

Awesome right?!

Start here: http://1stclassfashion.com/stylecycle

And don't forget to check out all their awesome fashion articles on their website!!

Be quick to join this new and innovative social networking platform!


  1. OMG! thank you so much for sharing darling! this is an amazing idea to come up with! I love it, and certainly going to do what you advised in your well written post! kisses <3 xoxo

    1. Thank you! Im so glad you liked it xxx