Meeting New Bloggers!
I started working on this insanely cool new project with a few other bloggers, and the best part of the whole thing is having found them and meeting them (like Kate!), even though it was only virtual, it was awesome.

A Great Week for Sailing
This week's weather has been the best in what seems like forever, especially for sailing. 
Perfect wind, perfect people, equals a happy sailor.

J.Crew Canvas Weekender
I'm totally loving this new Steele Canvas for J.Crew bag. It is absolutely perfect for going on small vacations or for overnight trips! So cute...

Homework at Starbucks
A huge new Starbucks just opened in the next town over (complete with a mason jar chandelier), and since one of my best friends just got her license, we had a fun afternoon drinking our drinks and doing our work.

Saving the Best for Last
Thursday was a half-day and so Jay and I got to spend some actual time together for the first time in weeks so I was so happy. It is honestly what made my week complete. (Being sick and everything, he made it all okay)-Not to mention 67 degree weather! Wow!

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