All you really need to know about me is that I’m your typical teenage girl
I definitely have my quirks.
*cough cough* OCD Nerd*cough cough*
That being said, I suffer from a severe slight case of OCD.
I make lists for pretty much everything.
I make a valiant effort to stay on task and focused. (I'd say it works give or take 90% of the time).
I have a tendency to be slightly over sarcastic. 
I love everything preppy.
Basically, J.Crew=Life
I'm a coast-to-coast girl.
I have a harmless obsession with Netflix.
I have big dreams and an open mind.
It's the little things that matter to me.
Sailing>Everything else.

I'm also pretty into writing and decided to make this blog to share all the things that seem to be running through my mind at 85 mph,
(and yes, that is over my speed limit).

But all these things are what make me
Undeniably Anna

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